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Roy Rossello, changing faces through the years...

Full Name: Roy Stephan Rossello Diaz

Birthday:  May 1, 1970

Current Age:  33

Birth Place: San Purce, Puerto Rico

Parents: Juan Antonio and Miriam Diaz

Siblings: Marie Liz, Juan, and Rene

Roy quickly became a heartthrob!
Nice tan.

One of Roy's first professional pictures.
Age 12

We all must grow up....

A real sweetheart!
He always has a great smile.

Menudo's "Don Juan".
Roy at 15.

He is just so cute.
What a doll!

Current Statistics:

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height:  5'9"

Weight:  170lbs.

Marital Status: Single, but in a serious relationship

Children:  1 daughter, 2 sons


Roy lived in Brasil for several years after retiring from Menudo, and broke lots of teenage hearts.
You can see why! 

In his sexy leather pants...
Young Adult .

Adult Life

Currently Resides: Hato Ray, Puerto Rico

Occupations: Musician, Actor, Realestate Agent

Current Project: Promoting El Reencuentro 2 (An Ex-Menudo Reunion)

Future Project:  Says he is working with a Hollywood producer an a "secret" deal


Did you know that Roy owns his own Real Estate business?  He is one of a the top agents in Puerto Rico.  He can help you find your dream home.

He even sold the former Menudo house!!!

A very handsome man.
Roy today.

Roy loves his fans!!!

Roy enjoys the attention he still receives from his millions of fans all over the world.  He loves to talk with his fans, and he will gladly take a few minutes to sign an autograph, smile for the camera. 
He will soon be joining some of his fellow ex-Menudo's for their second reunion tour, called El Reencuentro.